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How to know if you have a heel fracture

The calcaneus bone (or heel bone) can become fractured like any other bone in the body. Whereas fractures in other bones can be less debilitating, the heel bone bears a lot of weight while walking, and therefore a heel fracture can be a frustrating and limiting condition that severely impacts your mobility. If you think you may have a heel fracture, the Manhattan foot surgeons at Foot and Ankle Surgeons of New York can help. There are a few common ways you can develop a heel fracture:

  • Falling – if you suffer a fall from any sort of height and land on your feet, that can cause a heel fracture
  • Car accident – in a car accident, especially if you crash head-on into another car or object, your heel can suffer injury due to the positioning of your feet in the crash
  • Twisted ankle – though counter-intuitive, twisting your ankle can cause a fracture of the heel bone due to the inter-connectedness of the structure of the foot.

If you feel that you may have a heel fracture and want to know if you need to contact FAASNY’s Manhattan foot surgeons. The following are some symptoms that may indicate a fracture of the heel bone:

  • Bruising – the foot may become bruised around the fracture, so check for heel bruises
  • Sudden pain – sharp or shooting  pain in the foot or heel is always an indicator of something amiss, but can often indicate a heel fracture specifically
  • Swelling – if you experience unexpected swelling, especially if it persists, seek medical help
  • Inability to bear weight – if putting weight on your foot or heel (as in walking) isn’t possible, you likely have a fracture or other serious injury

If you have experienced any of these symptoms or possible circumstances and are concerned about the possibility of a fracture, contact FAASNY to connect with a Manhattan foot surgeon and begin seeking treatment today.



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