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Stem Cell and PRP Therapy

What is this treatment?


FAASNY offers Stem Cell and Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, which is a treatment for a variety of ankle and foot orthopedic conditions. PRP is able to promote natural and faster healing, leading patients to efficient results. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy has a fluctuating amount of white blood cells and has a high concentration of platelets. They enhance your body’s natural ability to heal, increase the repair of damaged ligaments and tendons, and can reduce inflammation in your joints and tendons. The process of Platelet Plasma therapy starts with the drawing of your blood. Platelets are then isolated by using a centrifuge and are injected right into a damaged area. Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is an option for patients who have already tried physical therapy and pain medication but are not ready for surgery.

Stem cells provide important proteins that promote healing and have the ability to reduce inflammation. They act fast to revitalize your body’s immune system. Stem cells can be collected from the patient’s body or donated human tissue. Complications such as arthritis, cartilage defects, ligament tears, or tendonitis can be treated with the help of stem cell and PRP. These procedures are non-invasive and are normally performed at the office. Please contact our podiatrist on Long Island for more information.

Stem Cell & PRP Therapy
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Stem Cell & PRP Therapy
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Stem Cell therapy can treat acute injury and chronic foot and ankle pain. For further help, schedule an appointment with our podiatrist on Long Island.


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