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Conditions Treated

Vascular Disease

Vascular Disease

Vascular disease can be broken down into two categories arterial or venous, arterial disease is usually more severe and often will manifest as symptoms in the feet before any other body part. If it is present in your foot it is likely to be affecting other end organs such as heart, kidneys, brain and eyes. It is important not to ignore symptoms because by the time symptoms manifest the arteries typically have significant blockage. Common symptoms are leg pain with walking otherwise known as claudication, or leg pain and cramping at rest, leg weakness, leg numbness, cold feet, sores that take extended amounts of time to heal, changes in color or loss of hair to feet or legs. Ignoring these symptoms could lead to amputation, heart attack, blindness, stroke or even death.

Venous insufficiency is caused by the valves of your veins not adequately functioning. This loss of function could lead to: varicose veins, skin discoloration, water retention, ulcerations, cellulitis, infections, and if untreated could lead to loss of limb.

At Foot & Ankle Surgeons of New York we have sophisticated non-invasive equipment to test both your arteries and veins. When this technology is coupled with a thorough vascular physical examination, by one of our physicians, a comprehensive plan can be initiated that could prevent serious future health conditions.


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