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Ingrown Toenails

Minor Surgery for Ingrown Toenails


Ingrown toenails can be a painful and frustrating issue. Often, ingrown toenails can become chronic, and will constantly recur, requiring continual treatment and nail maintenance. A single ingrown toenail can make simple activities like walking become an unpleasant experience, and anyone who has had the misfortune will know that it is much more painful than it seems. There are many at-home remedies for chronic ingrown toenails, and often these methods will help alleviate most moderate cases of the condition. Sometimes, in its most severe cases, an ingrown toenail can require surgery to fully recover. But this surgery is considered extremely minor and normally has a very high success rate. Here at Foot and Ankle Surgeons of New York, we have been helping patients in West Village with their ingrown toenails for several years.

There are a few main reasons for ingrown toenails which can cause them to become a chronic issue, but usually, this issue develops due to improperly fitting footwear, or improper trimming of the nails. When footwear is tight-fitting, it can press on the edges of the toenails and force them to grow down into the foot. Toenails that are trimmed at the corners can also grow down into the foot and develop into ingrown toenails.

At Foot and Ankle Surgeons of New York, we have years of experience performing this minor surgery for ingrown toenails at our West Village clinic. The surgery is quick, relatively painless, and only requires local anesthesia (some surgeries require no anesthesia at all, depending on the severity of the condition). This makes the recovery time and immediate effect on walking very minor, and you can literally be back on your feet in potentially a short amount of time. Come visit our clinic in West Village and we will help you to finally experience relief from this irritating and painful condition. Contact us today!



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