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Treatment For Tendon Ruptures

Tendon Ruptures

Tendons are the fibrous tissues which attach muscle to the bone. Though rare, tendons can snap or rupture. Common causes for this injury tend to include natural wear and tear, obesity, sports injuries, and underlying foot deformities such as flat foot or cavus foot. Also, having type O blood may make your tendon more susceptible to experiencing a rupture. Tendon ruptures can create severe discomfort and can even lead to potentially detrimental side-effects if left untreated. Thankfully, there a few options that can be explored when going about treatments for tendon ruptures. Patients should never force themselves to endure this pain when they can instead treat the problem through several different methods.

Tendon ruptures are a severe injury that requires the assistance of a podiatrist for further evaluation and treatment. For most of these injuries, surgery will likely be necessary, which can be performed by a skilled podiatrist. Consider the following treatment options as well:  

  • Making sure you stay off of your feet for as long as possible. Try to rest often and keep weight off of the injured area.
  • Use an ice bag or wrap some ice in a towel, then place it on the injured area to help reduce the swelling.
  • Try to elevate the injury as much as possible.
  • You can use over-the-counter pain medications. Tylenol, Advil or Motrin all work perfectly.

When tendon ruptures occur, promptly visiting a doctor will only be more beneficial to you. At FAASNY, our doctors can provide treatment options for your ruptured tendon. In some cases, surgery will be needed, but our team will be able to evaluate the condition and determine what treatment is best for your predicament. Relieving pain is our team’s number one priority for our patients. Should the situation call for surgical intervention, our podiatrists can provide assistance.

A tendon injury can be prevalent if you are actively playing sports. If you’re an athlete and you’ve suffered a tendon rupture, contact our office immediately for further assistance. Don’t let your injury keep you from being active or participating in sports. Book an appointment online at or call our offices for further information.



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