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Ligament Injuries

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Ligament Injuries

Your ligaments are short bands of flexible tissue that help connect our body’s bones together. The overall goals of ligaments inside your body is to provide movement for the bones. Ligament injuries can occasionally occur for a number of different reasons. Some examples of these instances would include stress, falls, or it can be the result of a sports-related injury. Some of the more common ligament injuries include patella dislocation, sprained ankle, and neck sprain. It’s important to listen to your body in order to catch these injuries before they become more serious. Like any other bodily ailment, catching the injury in the early stages of development can potentially lead to a smoother overall recovery process.

Causes and Prevention  

Naturally, preparing your body to be ready for a potential ligament injury will help combat the issue before it initially begins. Any potential damage to your ligaments can be caused by a variety of different complications and medical conditions. But one of the most common catalysts for stimulating these injuries are often caused by the joint moving in an abnormal way. Anyone of the following motions/actions can potentially put you at risk for injury:

  • A sudden change in motion
  • Pivoting without moving your foot
  • An incorrect landing
  • A sudden stop
  • A direct blow to the knee

Ligament injuries can also be prevented with a little extra care and some potential maintenance. An example of this would be activities such as purchasing effective sports equipment that’s able to provide stability and potentially help prevent injury. Using strength training is also a highly recommended method for helping to avoid future injuries since it can prepare your body for difficult/repeated motions while also maintaining a sturdy foundation. Lastly, it’s imperative that you make sure you’re paying close attention to your body and focusing on it’s reaction to specific movements and exercises. If you’re experiencing any pain while playing sports or executing a workout routine, you need to halt the activity immediately in order to prevent more serious injuries from occurring. There’s no need to over-exert yourself, no activity is worth risking your overall health and wellness.


In most cases, ligament injuries can be easy to find and treat with the help of a medical professional. Some treatment options can include rehabilitation, surgery, rest, ice, and elevation. The use of these treatments all depends on the severity of the injury and what your doctor believes is the best course of action. Remember, it’s important to listen to your body to avoid future injury. If you’re in need of medical assistance for a ligament injury, the Foot and Ankle Surgeons of New York are here to help!  



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