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Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint replacement surgery is viewed as one of the most effective operations in medicine. The surgical procedure eliminates broken or unhealthy parts of a joint and exchanges them with new, artificial parts. The artificial parts could be made of metal, plastic, or ceramic. The artificial joints are meant to imitate the movement of a natural, healthy joint. Replacing a joint can ease your pain and help you move and feel better. Joint replacement surgery is most commonly performed on the hips and knees. Although, other joints can be replaced such as the ankles or great toe.

What is a Joint?

Joints are located at the point where two or more bones intersect. We have our joints to thank for our ability to maintain flexibility and engage in movements. Most joints are classified based on their type of movement:

      • Hinge Joint
    • Ball and Socket Joint
    • Pivot Joint
    • Gliding or “Condyloid” Joint
    • Saddle Joint
    • Slightly Movable Joint
    • Immovable Joint

For example, the knee is categorized as a hinge joint, because of its capability to bend and straighten like a hinged door. Your joints provide support and enable you to move freely. Any damage to the joints can affect your range of motion and potentially create discomfort or aches.

Cartiva & Great Toe Joint Replacement

Many patients report excruciating pain of arthritis in their big toe. Thankfully, a breakthrough procedure known as the cartiva synthetic cartilage implant has given patients and physicians a highly effective solution for big toe joint pain. Cartiva is a synthetic implant that is able to replace the deteriorated cartilage of the big toe. The device is made up of soft, plastic-like substances and salt water, giving it strong durability and resistance. For big toe arthritis, joint replacement through Cartiva is an explorable option.

Ankle Arthroplasty

Another common joint replacement surgery for the ankles is known as the ankle arthroplasty. Ordinarily, this procedure is recommended when the patient is suffering through chronic arthritis pain and nonsurgical measures have been ineffective. Ankle arthroplasty focuses on relieving the patient of discomfort, while also maintaining their stability and range of motion. By doing so, the patient will experience less pain during activity and stronger function of the ankle. While undergoing surgery, patients should expect implants to be inserted into the ankle to act as a replacement for the ankle joint.

Is it Time For a Total Joint Replacement?

Multiple conditions can result in joint pain. You should consider a total joint replacement when you’re experiencing pain that limits your ability to walk or bend over. Also, you may want to consider the procedure when joint pain is not relieved by rest or nonsurgical treatments such as medications or physical therapy. For more information regarding ankle arthroplasty, great toe joint replacement, and other joint replacement procedures for the lower extremities, contact the Foot and Ankle Surgeons of New York today!



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