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Causes of Hammertoes

What Are Hammertoes?

Naturally, hammertoes are deformities that take place within the toes of a patient, creating several complications and annoyances to deal with. Known as a contracture (bending) this issue can create deformities within the toes themselves. Abnormal bending will likely put pressure on the toes when they are compacted by the presence of shoes. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it can make regular movements painful and will likely lower an individuals’ quality of life. Fortunately, your local foot surgeon in NYC over at Foot And Ankle Surgeons of New York is fully capable of diagnosing your hammertoe, treating it, and then outlining potential causes so that the issue can be prevented in the future.

Common Causes of Hammertoes

  • Improper Footwear: Like most deformity issues, hammertoes are made worse through the use of footwear that is uncomfortable and not fitted properly. Crowding your toes into tight spots are seen as the most common footwear issue with hammertoes. This can be stimulated by frequently wearing tight shoes such as high-heels and others. Your foot surgeon in NYC recommends unfurling your toes so that they’re not in a curled position.
  • Unexpected Trauma: Athletes or others who need to use their feet for constant motion may risk injury by doing so. Injuries such as stubbing, jamming, or even breaking may serve as a catalyst for the development of hammertoes. If you feel that your injury may have created a hammertoe, contact your local foot surgeon in NYC immediately.
  • Abnormal Balance: Instability can cause the toe to contract, thus leading to the development of hammertoes and other deformities.

What Can I Do To Prevent Hammertoes?

  • Space Within Shoes: Providing enough room to breathe is essential in the prevention of hammertoes.
  • Padding: Ask your foot surgeon in NYC about special pads that can be provided in order to help create space and protect the toes.
  • Shoe Size: A mistake made more regularly than you may think, focusing on the correct shoe size will increase comfort and will likely help protect you from hammertoes.

By contacting your local foot surgeon in NYC over at FAASNY, you’ll be given a proper diagnosis on your hammertoe and will be provided with treatment plans/options. Reach out for further information and to schedule an appointment.



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