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podiatrist in NYC

Podiatrist in NYC

If you’re interested in searching for a podiatrist in NYC, then you need to consider the many services that Foot and Ankle Surgeons of New York can offer you. Podiatrists are certified foot and ankle professionals who are capable of treating certain ailments that pertain to these parts of the body. Their qualifications are sustained by their rigorous education, which typically requires nearly seven years in total between medical school and on the job training. Podiatry can focus on several exclusive fields, including:

  • Sports medicine
  • Surgery
  • Diabetes and wound-care
  • Diseases of the skin & nails
  • Pediatrics
  • Radiological services

Suffering from chronic foot pain and other related ailments can be a tiresome occurrence, due to the constant nature in which we repeatedly use our feet. This is especially the case for those of us who begrudgingly use our feet for jobs, athletics, and other personal obligations. But not all hope is lost, a podiatrist may be able to provide relief for your perpetual achiness. By providing a thorough inspection/analysis, your podiatrist in NYC, such as the doctors at Foot and Ankle Surgeons of New York, may be able to dissect the primary complication that is creating this discomfort in your foot/ankle area. Afterwards, a diagnosis may be determined and your caregiver can begin offering treatment options. This can lead to a potential speedy recovery and perhaps even stop the pain from cropping up again in the future.

When considering a podiatry appointment, it’s imperative that you determine some common catalysts that can be the source of your discomfort. Sharing this information with your doctor may assist them in potentially resolving the issue at hand. Primary originators for foot/ankle pain can include the following:

  • Sports Injuries – those who regularly engage in brisk jogs, walks, and prolonged excursions will be placed at a higher risk for discomfort. Your foot and ankle specialist may recommend proper footwear to treat the problem.
  • Arthritis – the degenerative joint disease has been known to make appearances in the feet and ankles. After an evaluation, your foot and ankle specialist may be able to formulate treatment options.
  • Diabetes – rarely do people consider the effects that diabetes can have on their feet, but the ailments can occur on occasion. Allow your trained podiatry professional to evaluate, diagnose, and potentially treat the complication.   

If you’re in need of a podiatrist in NYC, contact Foot and Ankle Surgeons of New York today for a consultation and appointment.




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