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The Rundown On Bunions

Bunions are one of the most common foot ailments treated by doctors of podiatric medicine, affecting women more often than men. There are numerous conservative and surgical treatment options that podiatrists can provide to patients with bunions.  But first off, is that bump a bunion? A bunion is indeed a bump on the metatarsophalangeal (MTP) […]

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Flat Foot Surgery In Children And Adults

What is a flat foot? Flat foot is a term that refers to a collapsed arch.  The general medical term is pes planovalgus.  Many children have flat feet but have no symptoms. Some studies estimate that 80% to 90% of babies born in North America have flat foot and most of them grow up to […]

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Experimental ageing by Scott Wylie

Staying Active to Age Gracefully

As the great wave of baby boomers enters their sixties, old definitions of what it means to be a “senior” don’t fit this dynamic group.  This is the generation that embraced aerobics in the ‘80s, home gyms in the ‘90s and personal trainers in Y2K!  So being fit and staying fit is an important component […]

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Orthotics and Summer Shoes

Q: I wear orthotics in my shoes, but now in the summertime, I wear open-toe shoes more. I want to be fashionable but I don’t want to have foot problems. Are there any options for me? A: Being fashionable doesn’t necessarily mean your feet need to suffer. In most cases, as long as your shoes […]

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Happy Sandy Feet by Tobias Lindman

Melanoma Symptoms Frequently Diagnosed by Podiatrists

When members of the New York State Podiatric Medical Association (NYSPMA) were surveyed on whether they had ever discovered melanoma or skin cancer during a routine foot examination, 75% of the foot specialist respondents answered positively. Survival rates are dramatically lower when melanoma is found on the foot since it often goes unnoticed until the […]

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Running From Foot Problems

The subject of barefoot running has received a lot of attention as both a trend as well as a source of foot and ankle injuries.  But even experienced walkers and runners who adhere to the use of more traditional footwear can be plagued by common injuries that require treatment by a foot specialist. Dr. Robert […]

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article on hammertoe and bunion surgery

Still Dealing With Painful Bunions And Hammertoes?

Have you been putting off foot surgery? Most people postpone surgery for bunions and hammertoes thinking it is painful or that the recovery is long! Newer approaches to foot surgery allows for quicker recovery period with less pain.  In most cases no crutches are necessary and you can walk right away. Learn more about the […]

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Tips To Avoid Heel Pain

Is your heel pain stopping you from doing your favorite activities? Heel pain is a very common problem and most often it is due to plantar fasciitis.  This is the inflammation of the band of tissue, the plantar fascia, that start along the heel bone and runs along the arch of the foot. A classic […]

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Not All Ankle Sprains Are The Same!

Spring is in the air and people are spending more time outdoors. With increased activities come increased injuries. A sprained ankle is a very common injury, affecting about 25,000 people daily.  Ankle sprains happen to athletes and non-athletes and people of all ages. Though more common in active individuals, it can happen with everyday activities […]

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