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Does Wearing High Heels Harm Your Feet?

Have you experienced foot discomfort from wearing high heels? That is because these shoes could be causing damage to the structures of your foot! It has been proven by the American Podiatric Medical Association that, yes indeed, those super-cute high heels can be causing a lot of harm and wreak havoc on your feet. Whether […]

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Treatment For Tendon Ruptures

Tendons are the fibrous tissues which attach muscle to the bone. Though rare, tendons can snap or rupture. Common causes for this injury tend to include natural wear and tear, obesity, sports injuries, and underlying foot deformities such as flat foot or cavus foot. Also, having type O blood may make your tendon more susceptible […]

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Identifying Achilles Tendon Disorders

Have you experienced pain in your heel that shoots up your calf muscle? Does this occur when you’re extending your ankle forward or standing on your toes? This could be a warning sign that you may have developed an Achilles Tendon Disorder. These complications typically are prone to developing easily identifiable symptoms. If you feel […]

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Baby Feet

Preparing Your Child For Foot Surgery

As a parent of a child who is expected to undergo foot surgery, you are probably experiencing just about as much anxiety as they are. As a parent, you likely consider yourself to be extremely well-versed in preparing your child for just about any situation. However, foot surgery is an extenuating circumstance, and you may […]

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Metatarsal Foot Surgery

Knowing you’re on the verge of a surgical procedure can undoubtedly take a toll on your mental stress, but the potential long-term relief for a constant problem is too ideal to pass up. Several patients are wary of surgery because they’re aware of the elongated recovery process. But if you’ve taken the necessary preparations before […]

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Assessing Your Foot/Ankle Deformity

There are many deformities that can develop in the lower extremities of the human body. More specifically, these deformities can be seen in the ankle or foot. People with foot or ankle deformities may have symptoms such as pain, tenderness, swelling, bruising, stiffness in the joint, and/or difficulty walking. These symptoms can vary, depending upon […]

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Ankle Fractures

Did you know ankle injuries are one of the most common bone and joint injuries? If you are experiencing pain in your ankle, have concerns that you may have broken a bone, or have an inability to walk, you’ll need to contact the best ankle surgeon in NYC, over at Foot and Ankle Surgeons of […]

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Preparing For Foot Surgery

Patients that require orthopedic surgery on their feet have a multitude of different needs for their specific condition. The initial degree of preparation for your surgery likely depends upon the severity of the issue at hand. Yet, there exist general guidelines that anyone who is about to undergo foot surgery can benefit from. Ensuring that […]

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Heel Spur Surgery

What is a Heel Spur? If you’re a patient experiencing chronic pain in your heel, heel spurs could be the problem. This injury creates the development of a calcium deposit on the underside of your foot, between your heel bone and the arch of your foot. This calcium deposit forms itself into a bony-like growth, […]

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Walking Through River

Tendon Transfer For Foot Drop

Deformities and inhibitions within the foot are often viewed as one of the most burdensome medical conditions. This is due to the rate at which we constantly need to use our feet in order to execute movements and to literally take us places. Straining through injuries within the lower extremities should never be considered and […]

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