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Assessing Your Foot/Ankle Deformity

What is a Deformity? There are many deformities that can develop in the lower extremities of the human body. More specifically, these deformities can be seen in the ankle or foot. People with foot or ankle deformities may have symptoms such as pain, tenderness, swelling, bruising, stiffness in the joint, and/or difficulty walking. These symptoms […]

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Ankle Fractures

The Best Ankle Surgeon in NYC Did you know ankle injuries are one of the most common bone and joint injuries? If you are experiencing pain in your ankle, have concerns that you may have broken a bone, or have an inability to walk, you’ll need to contact the best ankle surgeon in NYC, over […]

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Preparing For Foot Surgery

Orthopedic Foot Surgery Patients that require orthopedic surgery on their feet have a multitude of different needs for their specific condition. The initial degree of preparation for your surgery likely depends upon the severity of the issue at hand. Yet, there exist general guidelines that anyone who is about to undergo foot surgery can benefit […]

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Heel Spur Surgery

What is a Heel Spur? If you’re a patient experiencing chronic pain in your heel, heel spurs could be the problem. This injury creates the development of a calcium deposit on the underside of your foot, between your heel bone and the arch of your foot. This calcium deposit forms itself into a bony-like growth, […]

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